TBBZ 6-35KV 100-10000Kvar high voltage reactive power automatic compensation device capacitance compensation cabinet

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This device is suitable for 3~35kV series power system to compensate system reactive power, improve power factor, adjust grid voltage, reduce line loss, improve power supply quality, and improve the use efficiency of power supply and distribution equipment.

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This device is suitable for 3~35kV series power system to compensate system reactive power, improve power factor, adjust grid voltage, reduce line loss, improve power supply quality, and improve the use efficiency of power supply and distribution equipment. From thousands to tens of thousands. The device has been comprehensively considered in terms of main wiring type, protection method, limiting inrush current and suppressing harmonic overload to ensure safe and reliable operation; the device has a simple and compact structure, which is convenient for on-site installation and maintenance; it can be used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum , chemical, machinery, building materials, municipal, light industry and other industries.
The reactive load current increases the loss of the power supply system, and most of the current distribution networks in my country use the reactive power compensation method of substation fixed capacitor banks. underpayment problem. TBBZ--10kv high voltage reactive power compensation automatic capacity adjustment complete set, using reactive power automatic controller to detect grid voltage and power factor, through the comprehensive judgment of grid voltage and power factor, it can control the automatic on-load regulation of two main transformers at the same time Voltage and automatic switching of reactive power compensation capacitors on two busbars to balance system voltage and provide power factor. Reduce line loss, protect power supply quality, and solve reactive power overcompensation and undercompensation problems.


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Technical parameters

Rated voltage: 3-35kV;
Rated frequency: 50Hz;
Number of groups: 1-5 groups;
Rated capacity: 100-10000kvar;
Reactor parameter selection: suppress closing inrush current, the reactance rate is 0.1-1%; suppress more than 5 harmonics, the reactance rate is 6%; suppress more than 3 harmonics, the reactance rate is 12%.

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Product features and scope of use

Working method and features:
1. The device is mainly composed of high-voltage parallel capacitor bank, series iron core reactor, capacitor switching vacuum circuit breaker, current transformer, zinc oxide arrester, discharge coil, reactive power automatic compensation controller, and special microcomputer protection unit for capacitors.
2. The device adopts advanced power factor and reactive power gap switching. Through automatic combination, it can realize multi-stage capacity adjustment with a small number of capacitor groups and a small number of high-voltage vacuum switches, without causing a substantial increase in cost. Very good price-performance ratio. It can also be configured equally according to the user's requirements, and it can be switched step by step.
3. The spray-by-type fuse is connected in series with the capacitor. When part of the series section (50%-70%) inside the capacitor breaks down, the fuse will act to quickly remove the faulty capacitor from the capacitor bank, effectively preventing the fault from expanding.
4. The discharge coil is connected in parallel with the capacitor circuit. When the capacitor bank is withdrawn from the power supply, the residual voltage on the capacitor can be reduced from the peak value of the rated voltage to below 50v within five seconds.
5. The series reactor is connected in series in the capacitor circuit to limit the high-order harmonics in the switching capacitor bank and reduce the closing inrush current. For harmonics above the third order, choose 4.5%-6%, and for suppressing harmonics above the third order, choose 12%-13%
6. Reasonable structure design, good thermal and dynamic stability, cabinet-type live display device is mainly used to display the live state of the device, and has program lock, observation window, and forced locking function; outdoor device has fences to ensure operation and maintenance. Personnel safety.
7. For the overall size, color and wiring method of the device, it can be designed according to user requirements
8. The high-voltage reactive power compensation intelligent controller is used to automatically control the switching of capacitors, with a high degree of automation, complete measurement, display, control, and communication functions. It can switch the capacitor bank according to the reactive power, and automatically compensate the reactive power of the load without manual labor. Intervention, when the power factor is above 0.95, it will automatically exit when an external fault or power failure occurs, and it will automatically resume operation after power transmission. The controller can display historical data-active power-reactive power-apparent power-power factor inductive capacitive-system current- Voltage-harmonic display 3-29 times-historical data report;
9. The microcomputer protection unit is used to protect the device, with two-phase current differential protection and open triangle protection functions. When each group of capacitors fails, the microcomputer protection unit cuts off and blocks the group of capacitors, and other capacitor groups operate normally.
10. The device is allowed to run for a long time under the power frequency 1.1 times the rated voltage
11. The device is allowed to run continuously under the steady-state overcurrent of 1.3 times the rated current due to overvoltage and higher harmonics
Conditions of Use:
◆Installation location: indoor/outdoor
◆Ambient temperature: -20℃~+40℃
◆Relative humidity: ≤90% (25℃)
◆Altitude: ≤2000 meters
The installation site should be free of severe mechanical vibration, no harmful gas and steam, and no conductive or explosive dust.


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