The difference between explosion-proof power distribution cabinet, explosion-proof power distribution box and explosion-proof switch cabinet

There are explosion-proof products called explosion-proof distribution boxes and explosion-proof distribution cabinets, and some are called explosion-proof lighting distribution boxes, explosion-proof switch cabinets, and so on. So what are the differences between them?
Explosion-proof power distribution cabinets and explosion-proof power distribution boxes are actually just different names. Of course, they also say that there are differences. Explosion-proof power distribution cabinets are larger than explosion-proof power distribution boxes. relationship is similar. However, there is no obvious difference between explosion-proof distribution boxes and explosion-proof distribution cabinets. However, the difference between explosion-proof switchgear and explosion-proof distribution box is still relatively large. It can be heard from the name. The main function of explosion-proof distribution box is to distribute power, which is mainly used for power equipment control and distribution. Short circuit, leakage protection.
Explosion-proof switchgear is a set of switchgear and control equipment, which serves as the power center and main power distribution device. Mainly for the control, monitoring, measurement and protection of power lines and main electrical equipment. Often set in substations, power distribution rooms, etc.
Explosion-proof distribution boxes and explosion-proof switch cabinets have different functions, installation environments, and internal structure control objects. The distribution box is small in size and can be installed in the wall or standing on the ground, while the switch cabinet is large in size and can only be installed in the substation or power distribution room.
explosion-proof switch cabinet


Post time: Nov-05-2022