Bring back the lost spring CNKC Electric accelerates recovery and revival

Recently, Mabub Raman, Chairman of the Bangladesh Ministry of Electric Power, visited the site of the Rupsha 800 MW combined cycle project undertaken by CNKC, listened to the detailed introduction of the project, and exchanged views on the project progress and epidemic prevention and control work.
During the visit, Raman inquired in detail about the project progress, equipment procurement, delivery arrangements and the living conditions of the Chinese personnel, and asked the owner and the project department to implement the epidemic prevention and control work while promoting the project construction. After learning that this project is the fifth power generation project implemented by the CNKC project team in Bangladesh, Raman said that CNKC is an old friend of the Bangladesh Ministry of Electric Power, and he believes that CNKC’s Rupsha project will surely achieve greater success.


On the afternoon of May 31st, the director of the Municipal Economic Information Commission went to CNKC Electric to carry out special inspections on epidemic prevention and control in large factories. .
The director affirmed the epidemic prevention and control and closed-loop management work of relevant enterprises. He pointed out that large factories are the key subject of epidemic prevention and control. First, we must deepen our ideological understanding, improve our position, strengthen our confidence, and thoroughly implement the work of “preventing the epidemic, stabilizing the economy, and developing safely”. According to the requirements, the responsible subjects shall be consolidated at each level, and a hierarchical and classified closed-loop management mechanism shall be established as a whole. The second is to strengthen prevention and control measures, pay more attention to epidemic prevention and control, adhere to the prevention and control of people, things and the environment, do a good job in health monitoring and emergency plans, and focus on strengthening the management of employees who need to communicate with the society. The third is to promote stable production and increase energy. It is necessary to prevent the epidemic and manage safety, but also to resume production and achieve production to stabilize the economic market. With the spirit of time and time, we will make up for the previous production and recover the lost spring. The Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology will continue to provide services for enterprises, fully assist enterprises in bailouts, ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain of key enterprises, and ensure that production lines, supply and logistics are not stopped.
CNKC Electric is a major domestic enterprise in the field of electrical equipment. It has implemented closed production since March 9. Currently, there are about 1,000 employees in the factory area, and the resumption rate is about 80%.


Post time: Jun-30-2022